The International QSAR Society was founded in 1989 at a QSAR Gordon Conference in Tilton, New Hampshire, USA.

At the 1995 QSAR Gordon Conference, the Society was renamed as “The QSAR and Modelling Society”.

In spring 2007, the Board renamed the Society as “The Cheminformatics and QSAR Society”.

During the 21st EuroQSAR meeting in 2016, the Board decided to draw together all the computational activities covered by our Society since 1989, creating a new Society called:

QSAR, Cheminformatics and Modeling Society (QCMS).

This change reflects the strong worldwide support for cheminformatics, modeling, and computational activities, as well as the Society’s history and the interest of its current members in furthering these fields.

Membership of QCMS is open to scientists involved in QSAR, cheminformatics, and modeling for medicinal, agricultural, or environmental chemistry. We encourage and invite all scientists working in these fields to join our Society.


Andrea Cavalli, QCMS Chair